Two Simple, Beautiful Projects Using Picture Frames

There are always things around the house going unused. Whether it's the candy you buy that no one likes or the gifted sweater you will never wear, things are just sitting there. If one of the things you have laying around is a picture frame, though; we've got two great projects that will turn your picture frame into something much more interesting.

Keyholder Frame

This project comes from Real Simple and couldn't be any, well: simpler. Take a frame you have laying around, remove the glass, and paint the backing (or a fresh piece of cardboard). You can also cover the back in a fabric you like, especially a beautiful print.

Glue hooks (use super glue or hot glue!) to the back and hang on the wall near your door. Suddenly you have a great place to hang your hooks, and the whole project takes less than a single afternoon.

Jewelry Frame

Store and display your favorite jewelry with this nifty project from Martha Stewart. It's a little more complicated than the keyholder frame, but it's still easy to execute and definitely something unexpected.

To copy this look, screw eye hooks into the inside of the frame. Across these hooks, attach coated wire, stapling the wire into place to avoid it slipping out. Screw in a few hooks and you're done—hang your earrings on the wires and your necklaces and bracelets on the hook.

The best projects are the ones anyone can do and still get something sophisticated and interesting from the project!



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