The Many Uses of Vinegar

It's amazing for how many things you can use vinegar. Did you know that you can use vinegar to clean your computer? Even get rid of smoke odor and remove candle wax! In this article I'll share with you my 12 household uses for vinegar.

1. You can easily deodorize your garbage disposal

Mix water and vinegar in a bowl then freeze the solution into an ice cube tray. Put the cubes into your garbage disposal and water-rinse. Abracadabra!

2. Cut the grease

Every cook should know that distilled vinegar is maybe one of the best grease cutters. It works on really greasy surfaces. How to use: When you've finished, clean up the grease using a sponge dipped in white vinegar.

3. Clean a very dirty thermos

To clean a thermos, fill it with hot water and 1/2 cup vinegar. Close and shake then rinse and let it dry.

4. Get rid of berry stains

You can use white vinegar to remove berry and other fruits stains. Apply vinegar on the desired area and then rinse with warm water.

5. Get rid of dandruffRinse your hair with apple cider vinegar mixed with warm/hot/cold water. Wait a few minutes and then rinse.

6. Protect blonde hair from chlorine

Have you ever heard of blonde hair turning green after a trip to the pool? I did! Protect your blonde hair by rubbing 1/4 cup cider vinegar intro your golden, sun-kissed hair and leave it for 15 minutes.

7. Make nail polish last longer

Your nail polish will last longer if you use this method! Apply vinegar to your nails using a cotton ball and then let it dry before using applying nail polish.

8. Get the yellow out of clothing Let your clothes sit in vinegar overnight in a solution of 2 part vinegar, 24 parts warm water. Wash them right after.

9. Get rid of bloodstains

It's really important to treat the bloodstains on your clothing as soon as possible! Pour 1 cup vinegar in 4 cups ice-cold water and let the clothes soak until the stain goes off.

10. Clear the air

It's important to clear the air from time to time, here's the solution to clean the air using vinegar: Mix 1/2 cup vinegar with 1 cup water and let it boil until it's ALMOST gone.

11. Relax aching muscles "Ah, my arm, it hurts!"

If you ever hear this, go grab your vinegar. Mix 2 cups apple cider vinegar to your bathwater and soak for about 20 minutes.

12. Make itching less itching

Rub the area with a cotton ball saturated in vinegar. It works for sunburns as well!
I hope that these tips helped.



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