More Than a Room: Making Your Space Your Own

Unless you've been giving it some thought, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed with ideas when you're ready to start decorating or re-decorating your space. If that's you, try this: think about what you want the space to be for you.

Knowing the purpose of a room will help you make both functional and design decisions about everything from furniture to colors to light fixtures.

Seeing It Firsthand

Capital Style showcases a home that does this extremely well:

What would this room be for you? For the owner, it's an “area to chill” on weekends. It's a foyer, but it's more than that: it's a cozy, warm space for mornings of relaxation, conversation, and a warm cup of tea or coffee.

This bathroom is instantly inviting and designed to be a comfortable place to get ready in the mornings or unwind before bed.

The seating area in the backyard has a clear purpose: the way the seats are oriented begs for some friends and conversation. Whether just the family hangs out and chats about the day or friends laugh over old stories and a glass of wine, there's no question that this setup was made for genuine, comfortable, face-to-face time.



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