How to Keep Your Vacuum In Like New Condition

110 1113tm vector2 997Vacuum cleaners are very important home improvement equipment that help keep the house in a sparkling state. They help enormously in getting dust, random particles and hair out, leaving the carpet as good as new. If you own pets, it is doubly important since these are likely to shed fur with the changing seasons. Vacuum cleaners are expensive and should be kept in good condition to increase their lifespan. If your days are stretched as it is, The Maids are always on call to help you with chores such as vacuuming and dusting.

Clean Filters Regularly

As you use the vacuum over time, filters tend to clog with particles, leading to less efficiency of the equipment. You therefore, need to regularly check the filters and clean them or replace when need be. Ideally, you would want a reusable filter. All vacuums come with manuals, which have all the specifics on dealing with the filter. These are important pieces, so you cannot afford to neglect them.

Clean the Brush Roll

This does a great job in helping loosen and remove some of the longer particles from the carpet such as hair and lint, but the debris has to go somewhere. If the brush roll is not kept in optimum condition, it is difficult for the vacuum to clean, making it less efficient. The brush roll will wear out the engine in the long run and cost you even more money if left unattended.

Lubricate the Brush Roll

The bearings inside the brush roll should be lubricated with oil regularly to keep them rolling smoothly. Olive oil should work well in this case. The manual provides a guideline on removing the brush in order to lubricate the bearings. Additionally, ensure that you clear any dust and debris from the bearings before lubricating them.

Replace and Straighten Belts

The belt in the vacuum should be replaced if there are any signs of damage like tears, cracks, worn out spots or lumps. Ensure that the belt is installed properly. It should be straight, not crooked.



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