How to Handle Dog Hair

Dogs are beautiful and are a very good addition to your family. However, they can cause a big hairy mess. Regardless of how much you might try to control the situation, you will always find floating hair everywhere. Cleaning can be quite time consuming especially when you also have other housekeeping chores to finish. The methods discussed below can help you to be able to go through this task efficiently and quickly.

Vacuum Cleaners and Attachments for Pet Hair

There are different types of vacuums with different types of attachments. Pet hair attachments are very efficient and effective at picking up hair, but there are some that do a better job than others. The best models are those that have the same bristles as pet hair brushes and those that have rubber materials with bumps. The only disadvantage is that you will have to empty the vacuum quite often.

Box Tape, Pet Hair Rollers and Lint Rollers

The concept of using these tools is already out there. However, when you are a little bit short on time, you can use these tools to pick up hair from tables, chairs, couches, etc. You can use the box tape by wrapping tape around a number of fingers to form a sticky side (flat). You will need regularly change the rolls since they can only do so much.

Hair Removing Brushes

There are different types of brushes that one can use to remove hair from the home and the dog. The rubber bristle is the most effective model. Its rubber bristles are thick and well-spaced (1/8 inch gaps). It grabs dog hair from surfaces by being static and flexible. The only disadvantage is that you will have to empty it repeatedly. However, this is should not be a big deal since you are bound to save a lot of time.

Air Filtering Units

Air filters are very effective in picking up airborne particles. The big floor types are well-suited to the living room. They capture floating hair and help to prevent pet hair collecting on electronics and furniture. It saves time and reduces what must be picked up.

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