Getting Rid of Allergens, Odors and Dust Using an Air Purifier

Cooking, cleaning products, pets and furnishings all give off varying amounts of particles. These particles become airborne inside the home and there is no means to escape. Even if doors or windows are left open, this only serves to boost the number of particles that come to be airborne.

Even if we can't see particles in the air they are there. It is common to see dust and smoke when light shines across the room but there are millions upon millions of other airborne particles, many of which are too small to see. These are the common contaminants such as molds, pet hairs, dust mites, dirt, and particles from cleaning substances, pollen and other allergens.

As you would imagine these particles are going to have a negative impact on health, especially for someone who is prone to allergies. In addition to the general presence of particles, there are many odors that are caused by airborne contaminants. This all adds up to a general problem on homes through the entire country.

The remedy to the problem is to invest in an air purifier for one or more rooms in the home. Air purifiers are particularly beneficial for people suffering from asthma and other allergies but everyone would notice the difference in the air quality after using an air purifier. They are commonly bought for use in the main living room as well as bedrooms. The purpose of an air purifier is to suck in air, filter it, and release it back into the room minus the microscopic particles. Obviously the higher the efficiency of the filtering, the better the quality of the air will be. It is not necessary to run a purifier 24 hours a day unless it is used particularly for health benefits.



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