Fluorescent Lamps and Your Electric Bill

When it comes to your monthly electrical usage, you have the ability to significantly reduce the amount you owe each and every month. Due to the Government’s drive on efficiency and the manufacturers’ desire to advance with lamp availability, you can replace most of the lamps in your home and cut lighting usage by over 2/3.

A fluorescent lamp uses only about 1/3 of the energy that a standard incandescent bulb uses. A 60 watt equivalent fluorescent lamp will only consume about 12-13 watts. This is a BIG difference in electrical usage throughout the home.

You can save that money and get a housekeeping service, while enjoying spending the time you would clean doing other things that you want to do! You could also take the family out for dinner, go to the movies, visit an amusement park, or just spend time together and order pizza! All you had to do was rid your home of those old incandescent lights! You have other things that use electricity so remember that your whole bill will not be 2/3 less than before, but the lighting portion will be reduced.

Fluorescent lamps are available in:

  • Spiral form
  • Tube form
  • Candle lamp form
  • Circular form
  • And many other styles
  • Standard threaded bulb sockets
  • Mini threaded sockets
  • Bi-pin sockets
  • Bayonet sockets
  • Varying types of each socket above
  • And much more

The types available include:

To get started, simply replace those standard bulbs and mini candelabra bulbs, such as ceiling lights, table lamp lights, candles, night lights, etc. Most lighting in the home will use these two types. Remember to look at the wattage comparison on the new packaging so you can get similar light output to what you had before.

Moving forward, lighting is now measured in Lumens because wattage was only capable of measuring incandescent bulbs for light output for many reasons unexplained here. Lumens represent the true light output of any source of lighting. Therefore, learn to understand Lumens so as the future moves forward; you’ll know what to look for. The reason to learn this is because manufacturers will slowly eliminate the wattage comparison, since it really is not a proper way to measure fluorescent lighting. It was only used to help consumers like you understand what replaces that incandescent bulb.



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