Brighten Your Interior Spaces with New Paint

Have you ever taken a keen look at your house wall, molding, bookshelf, and the kitchen cabinet? Most of the time, we never take a closer look. If you tried to take a closer look, you would be surprised how dirty and dusty they are. Housekeeping helps, but painting your room with some fresh paint can completely change the outlook of your home, bringing in life to your home. There are a variety of paints that people can choose from:

These categories include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Gloss options
  • Individual paint or a combination of paints
  • Surface options

Tone Level and Color Choices

Before you decide on any the right paint for your home, you may have to consider the following:

1. Type of color you want.

This entirely depends on your taste. You can decide to go with one plain favorite color or try to have a mix and match with various different designs on the wall. This applies to your furniture as well, like stools, bookshelves, and cabinet doors. The aim is to have a colorful house which is more attractive.

2. Choose a gloss level.

There are various gloss options you can choose from like high gloss, semi gloss, gloss, flat, and satin. Higher gloss levels protect your wall and furniture much better. Satin and anything above is considered higher and usually easy to clean comparing to low level gloss. Furniture should not have too much gloss because with time they tear and will need more paint. Semi gloss and satin works best for the walls ensuring your cleaning becomes easy.

3. Choose the type of paint.

There are new choices of paint as manufactures try producing new products to give their clients a wider range to choose from. Paint combinations and primer always save time and are easy to clean up. They are good for kids’ rooms, especially. For better adhesion, vinyl surface paints work well. Various rooms work with different paint options with each type suiting the specific area. Among the benefits of this paint options include resistance to mold and mildew. They can also block water and have a much more adhesion to the surface.

4. Quantity of paint.

You should have an estimate of the paint you need so that you don't have some remaining. Most paint cans specify the surface area they can cover. It is good to choose paint that is easy to clean once they get dirty.

Once you’ve painted your walls, you’ll want to keep them clean. If that’s a hassle, check with The Maids Durham & Chapel Hill, who specialize in keeping your house—including your walls—looking great!



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