5 Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning

Cleaning your home can be such a boring chore, especially if you are not well prepared to make the job more fun and interesting to do. You can easily turn your home into a healthier and safer environment or on the other hand turn it into a den of serious accidental injuries depending on how you care for it. For this reason, it is very important that you try as much as possible to make the home not only stunning clean but also safe. Then, how do you just do this?

To answer the question above, here are some simple yet important 5 tips for easy spring cleaning.

1. Clean one room at a time

Ensure that you clean one after another. This is very important, as it will make your work look organized. In addition, prevent you from having some unfinished works. The good feeling of personal satisfaction that you get from seeing one room sparkling clean will be a source of motivation to help you clean the rest of the home.

2. Make minor repairs

Make sure that you repair minor breakages before cleaning the spring. Otherwise, hire a qualified person to help you with the repairs if you cannot do them by yourself.

3. Dust before cleaning or vacuuming

Be sure to dust off the rooms before cleaning or vacuuming. Use lamb’s wool or feather dusters with extended handles that can reach higher places like door castings, above windows, and extended corners. In addition, don’t use household rags for jobs that need a damp cloth, instead use natural fibers for good results.

4. Wear protective gloves

Your general safety is very important when doing this kind of works. Therefore, ensure that you wear good vinyl or rubber gloves, as they will prevent your hands from getting into direct contact with corrosive detergents as well braving your palm skin.

5. Make a temporary compost site

Minimize the number of trips and movements as you work by having a temporary compost site in one stationary place in the rooms. This will not only make your work easier but will also save time a great deal.



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