Upgrading Your Home's Interior with Moulding and Trim

Moulding, also known as trim, can add a decorative touch to any room. You dedicate your time to housekeeping and making the home a comforting place, but some things can take away from that.

Moulding is often used to conceal unsightly views, such as drywall edges around entry doors and windows. However, it is often something that does not clean very well. Scratches, dents, breakage, fading, and many other issues take away from your hard work at making your home look great. Nevertheless, it also works great for covering the drywall at the bottom of a wall where it sits by the floor. That area can get pretty ugly.

In addition, moulding or trim is used to decorate, such as with room entryways and walls. There are many designs to choose from, as well as types like base moulding, corner trim, ceiling moulding, etc. You will find options like plain moulding with a slight curve upwards, routed moulding, and even etched moulding designs.

Materials to choose from include oak, pine, poplar, polystyrene, polymer, vinyl, composite, etc. You can easily find the right look with all these options.

Knowing this information is important if looking to upgrade your trim or moulding to new again. This will allow you to find the right moulding or trim to suit your needs, as well as your rooms.

Then, your cleaning and maintaining efforts will look that much better.



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