Tips for Polishing Silver

The soft finish on silver ads a luster and classic feel to the many items such as flatware, dishes, and of course, jewelry. Silver itself when compared to other metals can be more delicate as it is more prone to tarnish, stains, and scratches. Polishing silver can be difficult if it is not done with the correct tools. Here are 5 Tips for polishing Silver without causing any harm or damage to them.

1) Once you use your silver, clean it right away. If you use your silver flatware or other items more frequently, you may be preventing tarnish. You can simply use warm water with a phosphate-free detergent for cleaning silver. Make sure you refrain from using rubber gloves as rubber corrodes silver. Use a soft jewelry cloth or cotton cloth to gently dry silver after you have thoroughly cleaned it.

2) Polish your silver as soon as you notice it is tarnished. If silver has not been used or cleaned in a while it is natural for it to develop tarnish over time. To remove tarnish, it is recommended that you use a silver polishing cloth or silver cleaner. Make sure that you find a brand that is complimentary to your needs. For example, antique jewelry with special etchings should be treated gently and most likely polished with an all-natural jewelry cleaner. 

3) Household products may work to polish silver. In some cases where the silver is not valuable or antique, you may be able to utilize certain chemicals at home as it is more affordable. For example, soaking your silver in 7UP soda can help make silver shine while killing the dirt and avoiding any corrosion. Make sure you carefully do your research to avoid any harm to your silver pieces.

4) Sometimes your silver needs a quick clean up. You can purchase what they call "silver dips" which act quickly and remove stains and tarnish without the need to excessively rub and polish. It is not recommended that you soak silver in these dips for long as the chemicals contained in them are often harsh and can damage the silver. If your silver has an oxidized or gray finish, these dips are not recommended as they can damage it

5) Storing silver correctly helps preserve it. If your silver flatware comes in a dust bag, be sure to keep the flatware in there when you are not using it. For silver jewelry or any other possession, it is always good to store it also in a dust bag to prevent oxidation and tarnish from the air.



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