Three Great Uses for Aluminum Foil

It's great to find out there's a great house cleaning tool hiding in your kitchen, and in this case, it's a versatile tool, indeed! Aluminum foil is great for several tasks around the house, but these are three favorites.

The next time you have a piece of foil, see if there's anything you can clean with it—you might be surprised!

Aluminum foil can be used on the grill, and not just for cooking your vegetables! Lay a piece of aluminum foil on the grill to keep the grill bars hot. When you're done cooking, clean up the grate with the foil by balling it up and using it like steel wool.

Use foil to protect fixtures during your household projects. Whether you're painting, wall papering, or even cleaning, wrapping foil around fixtures like door knobs, light switches, and light fixtures will completely protect them. No paint, no glue, no mess—just clean fixtures!

Foil takes the casserole off the glass pan when it's stuck on. Use it just like steel wool: fill the bottom of the pan with warm water and dishsoap, then push the aluminum foil together into a ball and scrub. The friction loosens the food effectively so that the food comes loose and the dish is clean. (Just don't ever use it on nonstick surfaces—scratching the surface of a nonstick pan reduces its effectiveness).

Aluminum foil is affordable and extremely useful anyway, adding a few more great tasks to its abilities is like having an extra tool around the house!



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