Surprising Ways to Clean Your Home

bedroomtrcapaperMost of the time, steam cleaning is associated with only carpet cleaning. However, most people don’t realize that steam cleaning can be perfect for curtains, upholstery and other kinds of porous fabric surfaces. In addition to this, if you have the right kind of attachments or equipment, you can even steam clean hard surfaces to achieve excellent results. In this post, we’ve explained some areas where you can easily use steam cleaning in your home :


In your bathroom, you can steam clean to remove\ mineral deposits from the tiles and shower screen glass. Steam cleaning can also be a good way to sanitize and clean your bathtub, sink and toilet.


In your kitchen, you can use steam cleaning to remove stubborn stains from vinyl floors and linolium. You can even steam clean back splashes and other kinds of hard surfaces around the cook top. This is one of the most effective and easiest ways to remove oil and grease.

Other Areas

With a steam cleaner, cleaning your home does not have to be confined to major areas or rooms. You can even use it to clean a doghouse, garage or other areas to keep them hygienic. Many different kinds of specialty and detail attachments are easily available in the market. These attachments can perform a lot of different functions. They can remove grease buildup, clean exhaust hoods, clean door seals and more.

Steam cleaning your home also offers other benefits, including removal of chewing gums, yellow or dark stains caused by tobacco smoke, crayon marks, wax, tar and other kinds of sticky substances. You can clean almost everything in your home with a steam cleaner. Even wallpaper and painted walls can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. However, this should be handled only by professionals, like The Maids in Chapel Hill. If you don’t use a steam cleaner properly, you could easily end up removing the wallpaper or paint. It is also worth mentioning that some plastics cannot be cleaned with a steam cleaner. This is because steam cleaning can warp, degrade and melt plastic surfaces. There’s no doubt that steam cleaning is one of the most surprising and effective ways to clean your home.



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