Staying Motivated to Clean House

One of the biggest obstacles to housekeeping is simply motivation. When there are so many other things you want to do or could be doing, cleaning feels like a much bigger chore than it is. Sometimes it just can’t be helped—your family, friends, and work demand your attention. At these times, the help of a maid service is an amazing asset.

When it’s the “want-to” holding you back, try these tips for staying motivated.

Invite Over a Friend

Cleaning for company is always motivating, so ask a friend to stop by in a couple of days. If it’s a really good friend, explain what you’re up to—and then take them on a tour of the house when they come to visit. This will help you get the whole house clean rather than just hide things away in back rooms.

Build in Breaks

If you try to clean straight through, you’re going to burn out fast. Even at its best, cleaning is sometimes boring work. Allow yourself breaks, but keep them structured to keep you from getting sidetracked.

The best way to do this is set a timer. Decide how long you want to work and how long you want to break, and set a timer for both. Stay committed to sticking to the timer and you will see your effort rewarded pretty quickly.

Appreciate Your Progress

When you only focus on what’s left to do, it can make you feel quickly overwhelmed. Instead of getting caught up in what’s left to do, take a few minutes to appreciate what you’ve already done.

When you finish a task, step back and look around. The room looks cleaner and smells better than when you started, doesn’t it? Take a bit of pride in your work; it will make cleaning the rest of the house easier!



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