Some Great Storage Ideas for the Tricky Stuff

There are some things in your home that just love to be a mess. Batteries that spill out all over your junk drawer, wires that won’t stay untangled, and a massive pile of mail all come to mind!

How can you deal with these things to make your house cleaning a little easier? Some storage tips will help—try this next time one of those items is making you frustrated!

Batteries. It’s amazing how you will see dozens of batteries around your house until you need them—it always seems like they suddenly disappear the minute you start looking for them!

Prevent both of these issues with a rubber band and a plastic bag—no, really! Whenever possible, keep batteries in their original packaging. If you have loose batteries (and who doesn’t?) , combine them together with a rubber band (make sure they all face the same direction) and then separate them from everything else by putting them in a plastic bag or box.

Wires. That wire mess behind your desk is not unusual, and thankfully, there are some extremely easy ways to fix it!

First, the best thing you can do is to bring them together in a bundle or two. If you have a huge group of wires, break them up based on category (these come from the computer, those come from the monitor, and that one comes from my pencil sharpener).

Once they are separated , bundle them with a piece of Velcro tape or cut a long split the entire length of a toilet paper roll and wrap that around the cords (label if you need to!)

Mail. You can deal with half of the mail clutter problem in no time. Keep a small trash can by the front door and immediately throw junk mail in it.

Then, go to your mail sorter and break down what belongs where.  This one little step will make your whole process a lot cleaner!



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