Save Energy with Illumination

You enjoy your time at home, but do you have the right lighting to relax, complete housekeeping tasks, work on a home project, or just sit back and watch television? A lot of homes have limited lighting because of the cost to run them. 60 watts is the most common bulb used in homes, but some areas use a 100-watt bulb like a garage. Your electric company loves that!
Ever thought of replacing those old incandescent bulbs? Fluorescent lights run more efficiently and use significantly less than what incandescent bulbs use in energy. L.E.D. bulbs use even less energy than that, but do not carry as many options yet.  
Fluorescent lights use only 1/3 of the wattage that incandescent bulbs use. The watts used can be different from one bulb to the next. Lighting carries a big part of your electric bill amount. What if you replaced 60 watt bulbs with 13 watt fluorescent bulbs? On top of that, color output tones are available. To better explain this, color tone options include choices like bright white, natural, daylight, warm white, etc. Basically, if the only thing running off of electric was lights, your bill would have potential to be around 60% less than what it is today. Sadly, that is not reality.
L.E.D. bulbs help drop your electric use and the savings are reflected on your bill each and every single month! They use even less energy than fluorescent bulbs and continue to evolve. Night lights, lamp bulbs, flood lights, etc. are available.

No matter which route you choose to take, you will be not only conserving energy, but also saving money.



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