Making Your Bed More Comfortable

gs bedroom 1113tm pic 64Your bed is an important piece of furniture within the home, mainly because you need a good night’s sleep to get through the next day and handle your housekeeping tasks, work, activities, and other events. In addition, you need good sleep to stay healthy! So how can you help get better sleep? Consider revamping your bed to add more style and more comfort.

The Bed

Because this piece of future, known as a bed, is in in your very own bedroom; it should be something that fits your personality and style. You should want to sleep in it and personalization will enhance that need. It will also comfort you mentally if it fits your personality and preferences. You want it to feel like home. There are many colors, designs, and accessories to personalize your relaxation space. So give your bed a facelift and enjoy your new atmosphere.


It may sound funny, but you need to give your head comfort when lying in bed. A stiff, flat pillow is not the right method for comfort. Feathertop pillows and memory foam pillows can add a really nice visual touch to the bed, as well as provide great comfort for lying down. Many people stack two pillows, which enhances the comfort and adds a nice touch when not in use. All you do is place one upright at the head of the bed and one down where you lay your head or semi-stack them so the front one is angled on the back one. This adds visual appeal and motivates sleep.


Blankets make a huge difference when it comes to comfort. Thread count plays a huge role in that factor. A 200 thread count or higher sheet is best and pure cotton will add more comfort. A polyester and cotton blend is not as good as pure cotton. Polyester tends to feel hard and wrinkles more easily. It is also harder to iron than pure cotton. Silk is another option and it looks appealing, but isn’t very comfortable for most people. It has a slippery, loose feeling to it.

Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is typically needed for covering the mattress and protecting the surface of it. However, fitted sheets can often not fit so right. Either the mattress is too thick or too round on the corners. It can also fit loosely and take away from true comfort. Instead of using a fitted sheet, try a blanket. This will wrap around the sides better and tuck underneath the mattress better to help keep it in place. The fitted sheet never really shows unless you have an unmade bed, but it is still important to comfort. So give sheets a try and see how it goes.



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