Kitchen Cleaning Can Be an Easy Task

The kitchen is the heart of a home. It is where many of us spend most of our time with family and guests. Keeping a kitchen clean is a must for health's sake. No one wants to spread any kind of harmful bacteria to our family and friends through our kitchens. Not only does food and beverage preparation occur in the kitchen, but family life in general happens there as well. A neat and tidy kitchen helps in making those lasting memories.

Cleaning a kitchen does not have to be overwhelming. While many of the chores in the kitchen need a daily cleaning like the dishes, the stove, and the sweeping, some only need a weekly and possibly even monthly detail. This can include mopping and leftovers that can be thrown out at the end of the week, while cabinets and the top of the refrigerator only need to be wiped down when needed. A simple wipe down is easy enough on busy appliances when they are used on a daily basis, while a weekly spray and wipe down can be done on the microwave or when a splatter occurs. A deep cleaning of the refrigerator can be done on a monthly basis, while a light cleaning can be performed before groceries are bought. Most maid cleaners will not clean refrigerators so having a set day to deep clean a refrigerator should be a priority.

Using a cleaning schedule is a perfect way to keep from being bogged down with the thought of cleaning from top to bottom every day. To use a schedule, assign a weekday for the weekly chores and move on to the monthly chores. List all tasks on the schedule and post it where it will be seen and used. Be flexible with the schedule. If you miss a cleaning day, reschedule it.



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