Inspiration, Decorating, and How to Do It For Yourself

Where do you get your inspiration? How do you turn it into something cohesive and beautiful? Sometimes decorating sounds like a great idea until you start trying to bring your ideas to life! Take a break from housekeeping for a minute and let's look at how one designer created a room from inspiration to completion.

Rebecca Robertson from Martha Stewart Living designed the room on the right. It may or may not be your style, but the way she created it gives a lot of insight into how to turn your rooms into something you love!

Inspiration is Everywhere

Don't think you have to look at high-profile design magazine to come up with ideas—inspiration can come from anywhere. Rebecca found her inspiration in a tapestry; you might find yours in the colors in a window display, the lamp at your friend's house, or the rug at the doctor's office.

Whenever you see something you really love to look at, think about why you love to look at it. Is it the colors? The style? That's a great starting point for a design!

Start with Color

Which colors do you want to work with? The bolder the colors, the wiser it is to stick to two or three colors, including a neutral to pull things together. In Rebecca's room, apricot, yellow, and white dominated the space. The thematic use of color makes the room feel cohesive and complete.

If color helped inspire you, take that color and look at different shades, complementary colors, and contrasting colors, and choose your palette from those colors.

Play with Light & Symmetry

Light can become a designer's tool if used correctly. Think about the way the sun will shine in the room and how it will react with the furniture and accessories in the room. A rug or chair with a silky texture will reflect light in ways that look like art, for instance. Think about how the colors will handle both natural light and man-made.

Rebecca's room used yellow and the light from the windows to make the room feel warm and full of sunshine.

DIY Details

If you are the crafty type, you can save money and personalize the effect you want by trying some do-it-yourself projects. The coffee table and trays in the picture above are both DIY, and a quick Google search will result in a ton of projects and instructions.

Not all projects are very complicated, either; many are as simple as some fabric and hot glue. Pillows, curtains, vases, light fixtures—these things can be personalized pretty easily, making you look like a pro.



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