How to Clean a Kitchen Floor

A sticky kitchen floor is the worst kind. You step on in your sock—or worse, bare—feet and discover something undesirable trying to keep you suckered to the ground. That’s when it’s time to break out the heavy housekeeping and take care of the floor.

Hiring a maid service can make the whole process a lot easier; good professionals know how to clean a floor until it is both germ free and looking spectacular. If you’re doing it for yourself, though; here are some tips to get your kitchen floor properly clean.

Steps to a Clean Floor

Step #1: Before you start, vacuum. Nothing makes your scrubber or sponge dirtier than big pieces of hair or food sticking to it, so vacuum up as much of the little pieces as possible to keep your cleaning tools clean and ready to tackle the mess.

Step #2: Create your solution. If you have a favorite cleaning solution that is safe for the type of floor you have, you can go for it. Otherwise, mix together vinegar and water together in a bucket for an easy, amazing floor cleaner.

Step #3: Work in small areas. To clean the floor as well as a cleaning service, you’ll have to get on your hands and knees, and trying to clean a whole floor at once could result in a bigger mess. Instead, bring your mop, bucket, and solution to the area in which you’re working, clean the area, and dry it before moving onto the next area.

Step #4: Don’t forget the corners! It’s hard enough cleaning the floor, so you might not even think about the corners as you make your initial pass, but try to remember them as you go. It will save you trouble with them later.



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