Home Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

3081 101413 gs3081There are many home storage ideas for kitchen that you can try and make your kitchen easy to work in. Remember with a kitchen that is not organized, with storage space improperly utilized, it can be very hard for you to find what you need. Keeping your kitchen organized can be very easy, and below are some tips on ways to accomplish this:

1. Store like items in a basket

There are many different types of baskets available, depending on the size you need, the color you want, etc. You can use these baskets to store items so that they are accessible, easy to find, but also out of sight. The baskets are also portable, which will make your work very easy because you can always move them close to where you are working. 

2. Utilize the architecture of the kitchen

Make the most of the existing design of your kitchen by storing items in cabinets and drawers close to where you need them. For example: store pots and pans in the cabinet about or right next to your stove and oven, and store cooking tools such as blenders and other less commonly used kitchen tools in a drawer near where you normally use them.

3. Install plate racks

A plate rack will enable you reach for items in the kitchen such as dinnerware easily. There are many designs of plate racks available hence you need to go for the one that will make your kitchen stay beautiful. There are also racks that you can install within your existing cabinets to create more space for different items.

4. Turn pie filling cans into utensil holders

If you are the recycling type, you can turn emptyfood cans into utensil holders, being able to have multiple storage places within your kitchen for different types of cooking utensils. 

These simple tips can help you to make the most of your kitchen storage space. And while you are organizing your kitchen or taking care of other daily tasks, let The Maids of Durham-Chapel Hill take care of all your house cleaning needs.



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