Great Cleaning Tricks from Around the Internet

Maybe it’s a trick you learned from your parents or grandparents, something you watched your maid service do, or a tip you picked up in a magazine years ago—either way, you know an awesome cleaning trick that never fails to work, and you love to share it with your friends!

The internet is full of these clever house cleaning tricks, and here are three absolute favorites:

1. Make fridge cleaning easy with plastic wrap. Never fret a fridge spill again! This genius idea will cut your fridge cleaning time to practically nothing. Just line the shelves in your refrigerator with plastic wrap (see the picture on the right from The Virtuous Wife blog)—when you’re ready to clean, peel off the plastic wrap and replace it.

Taking care of all the leftover dishes will take twice as long as actually cleaning the refrigerator with this method.

2. Take the sticky off with mayonnaise. No, really! That residue that’s left behind when you peel a sticker off of your appliances or bowls or a price sticker on a vase or decoration is adhesive transferred from stickers or tape. If you’ve ever found yourself scraping at it obsessively only to be completely frustrated, this will save you a lot of time and hassle:

Grab the jar of mayonnaise in your fridge (any kind will do) and rub it on the adhesive. Let it soak for 10 minutes and then take an ice scraper to it. It will come off with hardly any effort at all.

3. Clean the disposal with an ice tray. Well, sort of. Mix water and vinegar together and pour it into an ice tray. “Garnish” each cube with a small slice of lemon (for its wonderful scent) and freeze.

Once the cubes are frozen, drop them into the garbage disposal and run it. Not only does it clean and freshen, the friction of the ice cubes apparently sharpens the blades. Now that’s multitasking!



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