Getting Your Kids Involved in Cleaning & Decorating

This time of year, there are so many things to do, from parties to gifts to cleaning to cooking—it’s hard to keep up with everything! You can use all the help you can get when you do your house cleaning and decorating, and getting your kids involved will help them feel welcome in your preparations.

If your schedule is packed to the brim but you want your house clean for the holidays, a maid service is the best gift you can give yourself. Then, you will have a nice, clean house to decorate!

Getting Kids to Clean

The trick to getting your children involved in cleaning is to make it fun and rewarding for them. Break down the steps, asking them only to do one thing at a time, and praise them when they finish the task you assigned them to do.

To make it fun, add elements of games and competition to it. You might race against the clock to see how fast you can clean a room or hide a treat in the room they have to clean to uncover. Anything you can do to make it fun for them will keep them committed to the task.

How Kids Can Help Decorate

In the elementary school years, your children will undoubtedly make roughly a million crafts, give or take a few, and the holiday season is no different. The last few days of school will result in picture frame ornaments, cotton ball snowmen, and construction paper reindeer galore. Don’t be afraid to display their holiday creations! Find good places to add their decorations, and not only will your home look more festive, your kids will feel like major contributors, too.

This time of year is definitely busy, but finding time to spend with the people you care about most—even if it’s cleaning and decorating!—is the best part!



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