Easy Methods and Products for Your Home Carpet Cleaning

It is important to know how to clean your carpets. Carpet cleaning will remove dirt, stains or allergens and eliminate odor. Carpet cleaning is an easy job with the right cleaning methods and products. All the carpets need care and attention time after time due to build-up of dust and dirt. There are easy ways to remove the stubborn stains such as spills, mud, crayon marks and other problems. 

You can use dedicated carpet powder instead of shampoo for quick cleaning. Powdered products will dry fast on vacuuming while shampoo will take time to dry up keeping the room out of bound. These two products are good instead of just using water and plain soap especially when removing stubborn stains.

You can use natural products such as tonic water or soda water to remove stains. However, salt is also good product for soaking up new stains and removing dirt. Baking soda absorbs bad smells hiding in the fibers. Vinegar mixed with warm water can be used for smelly stains. 

The cleaning products should be spread all over the carpet and given sometime to work on the stain as well as consume the odor. You should work on stains and spills immediately to prevent the stain from going deeper to the carpet. You can use steam cleaning method by steam cleaners. You inject a cleaning solution into the carpet pile, and then pull the dirty solution back to the steam cleaner. When using this method you should not over wet the carpet to avoid damage of the carpet underlayment and backing. Over wetting may cause discoloration, shrinkage and odor. 

Vacuum cleaning is a dry extraction method. In this method, you spread a dry absorbent product over the carpet then vacuum it with a vacuum cleaning machine. When cleaning the carpet pay close attention to areas where people sit or move their feet.

Always remember to test a new product or method on a small area at first to see whether the product discolors or damages the carpet. It is also important to read the instructions and precautions on the products as indicated by the manufacturer.



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