Distinguishing Between Curtain Fabrics and Materials

A fabric may be man-made, but would not exist without materials. In relation to both terms, it can be quite confusing for many people. Curtains can be described in many different ways, which can make it confusing as to what is what. Is that curtain a fabric or a material? When comparing the two, they can actually be the same, but can be different as well. Fabrics are the end result of materials or fibers getting spun and weaved. Any material or materials can be used to make a fabric. There is no limit here. With that in mind, a curtain can be described as a silk material curtain or a silk fabric curtain. Additionally, a canvas curtain can be considered a cotton and linen curtain or simply referenced as a canvas fabric curtain. Velvet fabric is made from cotton, rayon, and/or silk combinations. Does it make more sense now?
When you look at different fabrics, you see that some are named based of the materials used and some are named from their design. To put it into perspective, burn-out fabrics get made from chemical destruction to the fabric to form a burned out design right in the fabric. A canvas fabric is named by the materials used, which are linen and cotton.
Materials typically used for window curtains consist of silk, suede, polyester, rayon, velvet, cotton, satin, wool, corduroy, and many other materials. A fabric usually has more than one material in it. The ones used for curtains may have just one or have several materials.
With the unlimited characteristics of each curtain that is based on materials and fabrics, your understanding of these factors provides the opportunity to get the best match for your needs, while shopping wisely. Your housekeeping efforts contribute a lot to a room, but a bad decision with curtains can hinder the visual appeal you strive to keep.



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