Cleaning Up For (and From!) Pets

For many families who have pets, the pets are more like additional members of the family. Unfortunately, that means they bring their own mess and their own cleanliness needs with them to the home.

When it comes to cleaning up after and cleaning up for your pet’s health, there is plenty to do. Just like maid services do a great job cleaning your house, you can do a great job cleaning your pet's space!

Cleaning Up For Your Pet 

  • Clean the pet’s bed. Just like you wash your sheets, flip and clean your mattress, and change your pillow cases, your pet’s bedding needs to be changed, too. Wash whatever’s machine washable to make it easier on yourself, then sprinkle what remains with baking soda, let sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum for a much fresher bed for your pet.
  • Taking care of toys. Your pet undoubtedly has a few toys they love, but that means those toys get dragged through dirt and slobbered on constantly, not to mention germs from our hands. Clean plastic toys in a mixture of warm water and dissolved baking soda, and launder plush toys.

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

  • Getting rid of pet hair. Many dogs and cats shed heavily, and they always seem to shed on your favorite couch or chair, not to mention the floor! Regular vacuuming of the floor will help reduce the fur left there. For the furniture, a lint roller will do wonders—and now you can get larger lint rollers specifically for furniture!
  • About the litter box… The unfortunate thing about a litter box is that, left for any amount of time, it will start to smell and will travel through the house. Use a quality litter, clear out the litter box often, and when you change the litter, take a few minutes to wash out the box itself, as well, to help reduce odors that might cling to the plastic.

Which pet-related cleaning tasks are awful? Which don’t you mind?



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