Clean as You Go: The Secret to Less Stressful Holiday Baking

The house is warm, the faces bright, and the smells of cinnamon and sugar trace irresistible scent trails through every room—but the kitchen looks like you spent more time throwing the ingredients around than baking with them!

You can prevent that second part with a few super easy steps that help you clean-on-the-go. Enjoy the merriment (and the confections) without the mess.

1. Start with a clean kitchen. Whether you do the house cleaning yourself or your maids service has it covered, make sure you start with a kitchen that’s already clean and a sink that’s completely empty. Adding mess on top of clutter will make you frustrated in no time, so this is just the best way to begin.

2. Cover your space. Wherever you work, cover it in aluminum foil, wax paper, or parchment paper. Flour spilled over the edge of the bowl? Chocolate dripped on the counter? Not a big deal anymore—all you have to do is throw away the covering and put a new sheet down.

3. Put dishes in warm, soapy water. The minute you finish with a dish, rinse it off and stick it in a sink full of warm water to keep the food from becoming stuck on and difficult to clean.

4. Pick up everything as you go. When you’re done with a recipe, put away whatever you’ve finished with and clean up whatever messes were made while you were cooking. This will keep everything manageable.

5. While you wait for things to bake—wash dishes! Those dishes you put in the soapy water? Time to get busy! While your cookies, bread, pies, and cakes are baking, use that time to wash the dishes and keep the sink clear.

The holiday baking mess doesn’t have to take over your kitchen if you clean as you go!



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