Challenge for the Week: The Hidden Corner

Everyone has one: it's a cluttered place you keep tucked in a corner or hidden in a closet so no one sees it. This week is the week to take on a challenge and get the corner clean!

Spring is slowly moving in, and we've been doing a lot of talking about spring cleaning. This is a great, short housekeeping project to help you see fast results. Blogger Alexis Anne recently tackled her corner and shared the results, which you can see on the right. 

What will your corner look like when it's clean? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Tidy up. The first thing to do is get rid of anything that doesn't belong. Collect anything that's trash or that you know you don't need and throw or give it away, and then take anything that doesn't belong and put it where it should be. This will make a huge difference right away!


  • Create storage. Alexis Anne got a set of matching baskets, but any kind of storage you can create in your corner that looks appropriate and holds your items is great. The idea is to make it look more polished, so keep that in mind while you look at your options, and also remember that you can combine storage! Put baskets or boxes on shelves or tuck plastic containers into a trunk.

  • Decorate. While the instinct is usually to finish the cleaning and move on, if your cluttered area is somewhere easily visible, it's going to help in the long run to go ahead and finish the space. Add an area rug, hang some paintings, or add a new piece of furniture. This makes the area feel complete and you're less likely to use it to stack your clutter when it's decorated!



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