A Different Kind of Design: Steampunk

If you aren't familiar with steampunk design, it's a style applied to fashion and interior design that involves heavy influence from 18th century western culture, Victorian styles, and the Industrial Revolution.

It's becoming more and more mainstream, so if you haven't seen it yet, you probably will! Here's a look at some interior design elements of steampunk and what kind of things to look for if you want to try it for yourself.

Colors & Textures

The colors and textures of steampunk include metal-themed colors and rich tones that match those colors. Leather, dark wood, bronze, copper, and anything metallic are popular choices, and colors that complement them include dark navy blues, deep crimsons, cream colors, and burnt yellow shades.

Steampunk is an interesting combination of rich colors and textures and industrial, raw, mechanical elements. The best steampunk designs incorporates both in a way that feels completely natural.


At the heart of steampunk is the steam, harking back to the introduction of steam engines and the industrial boom from that time. Cogs, steam-run machines, chains, wires, and ropes are all popular elements of design. You might hang your lights from copper-colored chains, for instance, or find a clock with large, visible cogs.

If you are into steampunk and really want to go for the full interior design, some companies even sell steam-powered products that work and look amazing, to boot.

Old World

When it comes to art, look for things that feel Old World or harken to Victorian and Old West. Some great examples of this include old maps, which can be framed or glued to wooden backs and hung, or black and white photographs of the era.

Sconces and other light fixtures with an industrial feel or decorative clocks are also good choices for adding the right kind of flair to your space.

In a more modern era, steampunk is definitely unique, but it's also growing in popularity!



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